Gift wrapping and packaging

Every item comes wrapped in Posh wrapping ready for gift giving. We always include gift receipts.

Custom and personalized orders

If you are ordering a personalized item ( birthday outfit, monthly shirts, etc) please make sure to leave the details of your custom order in the "Note to Seller" at checkout. If we do not have this information at the time of purchase and you fail to respond to Etsy convos it will delay your shipping times.

Sizing details

Please message us with any sizing questions. Almost all items have detailed measurements in there descriptions. We always say if you have a chunky peanut please go up in a size. 
Please make sure to measure when measurements are given to ensure proper fit.



Do you offer any discount for multiple orders?

yes I'm glad to offer the coupon code as below:
10% discount code MAGIC10 for orders of 2 or 3 dresses
20% discount code MAGIC20 for orders of 4 or more dresses


what's the difference between ivory white and off white?

shades of white

Ivory is a variation on the color white and may be referred to as an antique white, which is the color white lace becomes as it ages. The color originates from the ivory tusks of the elephant, which gave the color its name. To get the color ivory, white must be tinted with a touch of yellow. It is this addition of yellow that turns this white variation into a warm color.
From: http://www.ehow.com/info_8428197_difference-between-white-ivory.html

Ivory is darker and "off-white" is just a shade from bright white.So many shades of white.